Membrane Window Strength - Differential Pressure Tolerance

All our membrane types and membrane area configurations have been robustness tested by application of differential pressure. In these tests, the membrane was oriented such that differential pressure forced the membrane against the chip frame. In the opposite orientation where the membrane would be delaminated from the chip frame, the pressure tolerance would be several times lower.

All values below are the maximum tolerated differential pressure reported as mean +/- standard deviation (n = 3), in units of PSI.

Window Sizes:
  • 9 Windows: (8) 100x100, (1) 100x350 micron
  • 9 Small Windows: (8) 50x50, (1) 50x350 micron
  • 2 Slots: (2) 50x1500 micron
  • Single Windows: (1) square window of x micron side-length