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TEMVu™ Slide

TEMVu™ Slides allow you to prepare your TEM window grid for light and fluorescence microscopy prior to performing TEM. Each slide has one TEM window grid supported on a 300 micron silicone gasket which is bonded to a No. 1 1/2 cover glass. The TEM grid will not float away when when submerged with water or aqueous buffer, but can easily be removed afterward with standard tweezers. Removable slide cap reduces evaporation during light microscopy imaging.

TEMVu User Manual

Ideal applications:
Fluorescent nanoparticle imaging
Live cell imaging/staining prior to TEM

TEMVu™ slides are available with any standard TEMwindows product
Slides are built to order. Let us know which TEM windows you would like assembled with your TEMVu™ slides. Pricing is $200 for TEN slides, plus the price of the TEM windows. Slides will ship within 5 days of your order.

To place an order, please contact or call 585-214-0585

For usage information, please see our technical manual.