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Spin Columns and Membranes for Particle Separations and Imaging


NanoPorous Silicon Nitride Silicon Nitride MicroSlits

We are offering product samples of our new SepCon® Spin Columns which help our customers clean-up nanoparticle or microparticle preparations and then easily image captured particles that remain on highly transparent and ultrathin membranes.

If you would like a product sample, please complete the email sign-up below and we will contact you soon.

SepCon® Spin Column Features:

  • Ability to capture particles of different sizes, either nanoparticles with 45 nm pores or microparticles and cells with 0.5 and 1 µm microslits.
  • Easy-to-follow protocol using standard microcentrifuges, with 5 to 20 minute processing times.
  • Porous Membrane Chips that are easily removed from spin columns for high-resolution optical and electron microscopy imaging