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SiMPore-brand SepCon™ Spin Columns for Particle Separation and Imaging

We offer SiMPore-brand SepCon™ Spin Columns for particle sample preparation and for easy imaging of isolated particles on highly transparent and ultrathin membranes with ability to capture particles of different sizes
  • Nanoparticle Isolation: Ability to capture nanoscale particles using ~50 nm diameter nanoporous membranes
  • Microparticle and Cell Isolation: Ability to capture microscale particles using 0.5 and 1 µm microslit membranes
  • Imaging Analysis: Porous Membrane Chips that are easily removed from spin columns for high-resolution optical and electron microscopy imaging
  • Standard Format: Works with common 1.5 mL and 2.0 mL centrifuge tubes and microcentrifuges
  • Fast and Easy: 5 to 20 minute processing times with easy to follow protocols

NanoPorous Silicon Nitride

Silicon Nitride MicroSlits

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SepCon™ Spin Vial – Nanoporous (Pack of 6)

Our Price: $240.00
SepCon™ Spin Vial – 1.0 micron Microslit (Pack of 6)

Our Price: $240.00