TEMwindows.com is the online source of innovative sample preparation solutions for the imaging and analysis of nanoscale materials and biological speciments. TEMwindows.com features state-of-the-art transmission electron microscopy windows that enable researchers to characterize their samples. By incorporating the latest MEMS and thin film technologies, TEMwindows.com provides researchers with the resources to advance their research and development programs.

TEMwindows.com a division of SiMPore Inc., a nanotechnology company located in Rochester, New York. TEMwindows.com is fully integrated and supported by the technical expertise at SiMPore. The micro fabrication engineers at SiMPore manufacture all TEMwindows.com products and fulfill customized solutions as well.

Jamie Roussie,
VP of Operations

To learn more about SiMPore's products and
membrane technologies, please visit SiMPore's website at www.simpore.com .

Josh Miller, Microfabrication

How to contact us:

Sales and Service: sales@temwindows.com

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You can also reach us toll-free at:
Phone: 888-323-NANO ext. 7 or 585-214-0585
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Our Corporate Office is located at:
150 Lucius Gordon Drive, Suite 110
West Henrietta, NY 14586

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